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Diabetes Disparities In Illinois


Of the 144 Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) program sites in the state, most are in the metropolitan Chicago area or other northern counties of the state, and the remainder are widely scattered throughout the state. There are 436 Illinois health care centers in state; almost all counties have at least 1 center, and many counties have 2 or more. Most of the counties have high diabetes prevalence: in 34 counties, the prevalence is 11.1% or higher; in 41 counties, the prevalence is 10.1% to 11.0%; and in 13 counties, the prevalence is 9.1% to 10.0%. Counties with prevalences of 8.1% to 9.0% (n = 11) are mostly in the Chicago metropolitan area and counties to the west of Chicago. Two of the 3 counties with the lowest prevalence (8.0% or lower) are in north-central Illinois. Sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: diagnosed diabetes prevalence, 2013. Illinois Department of Public Health: 2017 licensed health care centers of Illinois and rural health care centers of Illinois. Illinois Pathways to Health database, Chronic Disease Self-Management Education Program Workshop locations.

The map depicts the availability of Chronic Disease Self-Management Program workshops and health care centers in Illinois in relation to diabetes prevalence in each county. County-level diabetes prevalence ranges from 7% to 13%, whereas Illinois diabetes prevalence is 9.1%. Green counties have prevalences below the state rate of 9.1%, and red counties have prevalences at 9.1% or higher. Darker colors represent the lowest and highest rates of diabetes prevalence in Illinois.

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