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Patterns of Screen Time Among Rural Mexican-American Children on the New Mexico-Mexico Border


Figure 1. Frequency of reasons for use of smartphones, desktops, or laptops by children on weekday in study households, according to level of use in the reference child, Chaparral and Columbus, New Mexico, 2016. Parents could indicate more than 1 reasons for use; thus, percentages do not sum to 100.

Use Level of Use
≥4 Hours per Day <4 Hours per Day
Calls, text, Instant Message, Skype 50.0 40.6
Email 23.3 18.0
Games 63.3 52.9
Homework 63.3 68.6
Internet/YouTube 56.6 54.0
Music 33.3 32.5
Netflix 20.0 15.6
Other 10.0 1.7
Social media 36.6 30.2

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Figure 2. Frequency of use of types of electronic devices by children in study households, Chaparral and Columbus, New Mexico, 2016.

Type of Device Percentage
iPod 5.9
None 8.9
Smart television 33.7
Game console 41.1
Tablet or iPad 54.0
Desktop or laptop 60.9
Smartphone 62.4

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