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E-Cigarette Use Among Adolescents Not Susceptible to Using Cigarettes


The full North Carolina Youth Tobacco Survey high school sample consisted of 3,420 students. Participants susceptible to smoking cigarettes or participants who have tried cigarettes (n = 1,739) were excluded; 1,681 participants were not susceptible to smoking cigarettes. Fifty-four participants missing data on any of the variables examined in the regression models were excluded; 1,627 participants not susceptible to smoking cigarettes had complete data. These participants were categorized as follows: 1,208 not susceptible to using e-cigarettes; 179 susceptible to using e-cigarettes; 172 who have ever used e-cigarettes; and 68 who currently use e-cigarettes. The first and second categories were compared in Model A, the second and third categories in Model B, the second and fourth categories in Model C, and the third and fourth categories in Model D.

Flowchart of analytic sample for determining susceptibility to smoking cigarettes, NCYTS, 2015. Three validated questions from Pierce et al (18) were used to assess susceptibility to smoking cigarettes. Abbreviation: NCYTS, North Carolina Youth Tobacco Survey.

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