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Television Viewing Time, Physical Activity, and Mortality Among African Americans


The figure shows the categories of television viewing time on the x-axis: categorized as less than 2 hours/day, 2 to 3.9 hours/day, and greater than or equal to 4 hours/day. The cumulative incidence of mortality is on the y-axis, ranging from 0.00 to 0.20. Three curves (one for each category of television viewing time) represent the cumulative incidence over time. Those in the highest category (>4 hours/day) of television viewing time had the curve with the highest slope and highest cumulative incidence, which is separate from the other 2 curves. The other 2 curves (for <2 h/day and 2–3.9 h/day) start out overlapping each other, and then the 2 to 3.9 hours/day television viewing time group curve appears to be slightly higher in cumulative incidence as time goes on.

The cumulative incidence of all-cause mortality in relationship to time spent watching television. Data are from 5,289 participants in the Jackson Heart Study (9–13), self-reported in baseline questionnaires administered from 2000 through 2004.

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