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Do Cancer-Related Fatigue and Physical Activity Vary by Age for Black Women With a History of Breast Cancer?


Figure 1.
Relationship between FACIT (Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy) fatigue scores and physical activity, by age, among black female breast cancer survivors in the United States. Higher scores indicate less fatigue, with a score range of 4 to 52. The mean score for a similar age-matched population of women in the United States is 40 (23). Physical activity was assessed by a dichotomous (yes/no) variable: does not meet physical activity guidelines/meets physical activity guidelines.

Age, Years Mean FACIT Score, Women Not Meeting Physical Activity Standards Mean FACIT Score, Women Meeting Physical Activity Standards
<50 26.3 34.0
50–59 33.2 34.5
≥60 32.4 34.1

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