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A Framework for Implementing the National Diabetes Prevention Program in Los Angeles County


The figure describes the framework’s desired outcome, to increase identification, referral, and enrollment of eligible populations in the National Diabetes Prevention Program by creating a diverse partner network. The framework consists of 3 domains. The first is to increase knowledge and motivation among health care providers and patients by improving systems and protocols by expanding outreach and education to 1) educate the public about prediabetes and NDPP through public education campaigns, 2) develop educational resources targeting community partners and health care providers to identify and refer eligible people to NDPP, and 3) create an NDPP resource inventory (ie, informational resource lists and databases) to increase public knowledge and awareness. The second domain is to improve health care referral systems and protocols to 1) develop an electronic medical record (EMR) system to identify patients with prediabetes and refer them to NDPP, 2) modify EMRs to create feedback systems between health care systems and NDPP providers, and 3) promote the use of team care and nonphysician providers, such as community health workers, to identify and refer patients to NDPP. The third domain is to increase access to and insurance coverage for NDPP by 1) increasing availability of NDPP providers and expanding provider networks and 2) by partnering with large worksites and insurers to offer NDPP as a covered insurance benefit.

Framework for implementing the National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) in Los Angeles County.

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