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Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Four Simulated Colorectal Cancer Screening Interventions, North Carolina


Figure. Cost-effectiveness efficiency frontier presenting the additional life-years up to date with recommended colorectal cancer screening among the population age-eligible for screening during the intervention window (x -axis) and intervention cost (y -axis) under each of 4 intervention scenarios, compared with screening as usual (existing screening). Results are presented for each intervention alone and for combination scenarios in which interventions are added, one at a time, based on their estimated intervention cost per additional life-year up to date (in 2014 US dollars). The dashed line indicates single and combined intervention scenarios that are not dominated by other intervention scenarios, where “dominated” means that the scenario is both more expensive and has less impact. Dollar values inside the figure indicate cost of each additional life-year up to date.

Intervention Intervention Cost Life-Years Up To Date Cost of Each Additional Life-Year Up to Date, $
Screening as usual 0 0 0
Endoscopy expansion 3,000,000.00 14,094 212.9
Voucher for uninsured 3,750,000.00 41,709 89.9
Mailed reminder 1,619,578.00 111,516 14.5
Mass media 3,694,800.00 145,821 25.3
Mailed reminder + mass media 5,302,918.00 257,306 20.6
Mailed reminder + mass media + voucher 9,049,371.00 298,692 30.3
All interventions 12,049,517.00 312,648 38.5

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