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Lack of Healthy Food Options on Children's Menus of Restaurants in the Health-Disparate Dan River Region of Virginia and North Carolina, 2013

The figure shows the study’s enumeration and classification process for restaurants in the Dan River Region. We found 328 restaurants in the region. Of these, 28 were ineligible (eg, not open to the public) and 50 were not audited either because they had gone out of business or the manager declined the audit, leaving a total of 250 restaurants. We found an additional 45 eligible restaurants during audits, bringing the total number of restaurants eligible for audit to 295. We audited all 295 using the NEMS–R tool. Of these, 137 restaurants had a children’s menu; each was reviewed using the CMA tool.

Figure 1. Restaurants with a children’s menu audited using the children’s menu assessment (CMA) tool. The Nutrition Environment Measures Survey–Restaurants (NEMS-R) was used to conduct audits of restaurants (19,20).

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