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CDC Estimates Nearly 2.4 Million Americans Living with Hepatitis C – November 6, 2018

Nearly 2.4 million Americans – 1 percent of the adult population – were living with hepatitis C from 2013 through 2016, according to new CDC estimates. Data highlight urgent need to diagnose and cure more Americans and address rising infections due to opioid crisis.

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Increase in Hepatitis C Infections Linked to Worsening Opioid Crisis – December 21, 2017

New CDC research suggests the recent steep increase in cases of acute hepatitis C virus infection is associated with increases in opioid injection.

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New Hepatitis C Infections Nearly Tripled Over Five Years – May 11, 2017

New preliminary data released today shows that, in over just five years, the number of new hepatitis C infections reported to CDC has nearly tripled, reaching a 15-year high. The greatest increases, and the highest overall number of cases, were among young people 20-29, with injection drug use as the primary route of transmission. However, the majority (three-quarters) of the 3.5 million Americans already living with hepatitis C are baby boomers, born from 1945 to 1965, who are six times more likely to be infected with hepatitis C than those in other age groups and are at much greater risk for death from the virus.

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Hepatitis C kills more Americans than any other infectious disease – May 4, 2016

New preliminary data released today finds that hepatitis C-related deaths are at an all-time high and more Americans now die as a result of hepatitis C infection than from the vast majority of other infectious diseases reported to the CDC combined.

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Statement from John Ward, M.D., Director, CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis – March 9, 2016

The Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer (1975-2012) released today shows a troubling increase in the number of Americans developing and dying from liver cancer, despite the fact that viral hepatitis – the primary cause of liver cancer – can be prevented and treated

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CDC Statement on Syringe Services Programs – December 21, 2015

Statement from Dr. Jonathan Mermin, Director, CDC’s National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, regarding Congress giving states and local communities the opportunity to use federal funds to support certain aspects of syringe services programs.


Fast Facts
  • Millions in the US have hepatitis and thousands more are infected each year.
  • Chronic hepatitis B and C can cause liver damage, cirrhosis, liver cancer and even death.
  • Baby boomers (i.e. those born from 1945-1965) account for the majority of those living with chronic hepatitis C in the US; CDC recommends all receive testing.
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Carolyn Wester, MD, MPH
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