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Hepatitis C now heavily impacting multiple generations – April 9, 2020

Data emphasize importance of new CDC hepatitis C screening recommendations for all adults

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CDC Estimates Nearly 2.4 Million Americans Living with Hepatitis C – November 6, 2018

Nearly 2.4 million Americans – 1 percent of the adult population – were living with hepatitis C from 2013 through 2016, according to new CDC estimates. Data highlight urgent need to diagnose and cure more Americans and address rising infections due to opioid crisis.

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Fast Facts
  • CDC’s new hepatitis C screening recommendations call for:
    • One-time screening for all adults 18 years and older
    • Screening of all pregnant women during every pregnancy
    • Testing for all persons with risk factors, with testing continued for those with ongoing risk
  • Since March 2017, CDC has been assisting multiple state and local health departments with hepatitis A outbreaks, spread through person-to-person contact.

Hepatitis Expert
Carolyn Wester, MD, MPH

Carolyn Wester, MD, MPH
Director, Division of Viral Hepatitis
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