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CDC 24/7 - Saving Money Through Prevention - Connecticut's Success

Improving evaluation of asthma programs

Female physician treating young girl's asthma

What is the problem?

Asthma is an ongoing concern for many Connecticut residents, especially those living in urban areas. Tracking the rates of stays in the hospital because of asthma is key to assessing the success of public health interventions.

What did Tracking do?

The Connecticut Tracking Program developed a part of the state tracking network just for asthma. This section includes data from the state asthma program and from hospitals across the state. Users can view real-time rates for asthma-related hospital stays by ethnicity, gender, race, and county.

Improved public health

Thanks to the Connecticut Tracking Program, complete, user-friendly asthma data for the state are available in one place for the first time. Other health department programs in Connecticut now have access to asthma data that can help them more readily evaluate their asthma prevention and control activities in less time.