Fungal Disease Laboratories

Resources and Protocols

At a glance

  • CDC's Mycotic Diseases Branch maintains a Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments (CLIA)-certified reference laboratory, leading in fungal identification and susceptibility testing worldwide.
  • The reference lab serves state and local public health jurisdictions and provides information on specimen submission.
  • Select lab protocols for fungal disease diagnostics and testing can be found below.
Lab working with beakers and a microscope

Laboratory support and resources

CDC's Mycotic Diseases Branch is a leading public health entity on fungal diseases. It's Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments (CLIA)-certified reference laboratory provides technical assistance to US public health laboratories as well as laboratories worldwide.

As one of the leading public health laboratories for fungal identification, CDC's Mycotic Diseases Laboratory, shares diagnostic and susceptibility testing protocols. Protocols include SOPs and job aids.

The protocols provided:

  • Align with CLSI standards.
  • Should be independently validated
  • Should be adapted for the user's laboratory.
  • Are not a comprehensive list of all methodologies.

Laboratory sample submission

Send specimens to CDC's Mycotic Disease Laboratory including patient samples for clinical mycology testing.