Whole Genome Sequencing

At a glance

  • FungiNet is a global community of practice advancing fungal pathogen genomics to improve outbreak responses and surveillance.
  • Activities include expanding fungal whole genome sequencing, developing data analytic tools, and contributing genomic data to a public database.
  • Public health collaborators can learn how to participate by emailing
Microscopic images of candida auris and aspergillus with text: FungiNet

Advancing fungal pathogen genomics

FungiNet, launched in 2021, is a global network of laboratorians, bioinformaticians, and epidemiologists advancing fungal pathogen genomics in public health.

A lab professional working on whole genome sequencing
FungiNet is working to advance fungal pathogen genomics.

The FungiNet community of practice shares resources to help public health officials:

  • Detect fungal disease outbreaks earlier.
  • Investigate outbreaks more effectively.
  • Track the spread of antimicrobial-resistant fungal pathogens.

FungiNet Domestic includes participants from across the United States, including many collaborators with the Antimicrobial Resistance Laboratory Network.

FungiNet Global currently has participants in Colombia, South Africa, Spain, Bangladesh, and Argentina.

How to participate‎

Email to learn more and access the FungiNet channel on the communication application Slack ®

FungiNet activities

Participants generate and analyze whole genome sequencing data for Candida auris (C. auris) and other fungal pathogens. Collaborators are building capacity in laboratory and bioinformatic fungal genomic analysis by developing new tools for fungal genomic analysis.

FungiNet contributes genomic data to the National Center for Biotechnology Information Sequence Read Archive (NCBI SRA), a publicly accessible database.

FungiNet resources

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