United Nations (UN) General Assembly

In 2016, CDC, along with other federal agencies, participated in a UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting on Antimicrobial Resistance in New York City to combat antimicrobial resistance worldwide. This was only the fourth time a health issue was discussed by the UN General Assembly, demonstrating the urgency of this threat.

The meeting’s objective was to increase awareness of antimicrobial resistance and get strong commitments from the national, regional, and international community.

World leaders agreed to address the causes of antimicrobial resistance in both humans and animals, and they emphasized taking a One Health approach. One Health recognizes that the health of people is connected to the health of animals and the environment, and encourages collaboration across topics and areas for the best health outcome.

  • Countries reaffirmed their commitment to develop national action plans to combat drug resistance, and pledged to:
  • Strengthen regulations on the use of antimicrobial drugs
  • Improve knowledge and awareness
  • Promote best practices
  • Foster innovative non-drug approaches and new technologies for diagnosis and vaccines

Antimicrobial resistance continues to be a global health priority. At the fall 2018 UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting, there were side panels and sessions on this topic, including drug-resistant tuberculosis. Additionally, the U.S. launched a year-long campaign called the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Challenge, spearheaded by CDC, to solicit commitments to accelerate combating antimicrobial resistance locally and globally.

Find more information on the 2016 UN High-level Meeting event websiteExternal and in the 2016 UN press releaseExternal.