CDC Washington Office

CDC Washington Office (CAB) Mission Statement
  1. Directs and manages CDC interactions with Congress;
  2. develops and executes legislative strategies;
  3. collaborates with the Office of the Chief Operating Officer on the development and execution of strategies in the Congress that advance CDC appropriations priorities;
  4. builds Congressional relations;
  5. tracks and analyzes legislation;
  6. develops strategy and leads response efforts for Congressional oversight;
  7. builds relations with government agencies and other organizations to advance policy agendas, with an emphasis on federal agencies;
  8. protects and advances the agency’s reputation, scientific credibility, and interests;
  9. informs CDC leadership of current developments and provides insight into the Washington policy environment;
  10. coordinates District of Columbia-area assignees and helps maximize their impact in supporting the agency’s strategies and priorities; and
  11. coordinates CDC’s partnership activities as they relate to Washington-based, or Washington-focused organizations, and works across the Agency to advance Washington relationships.

Approved 12/16/2013

Page last reviewed: September 3, 2019