Ethics and Integrity Office

The CDC/ATSDR Ethics and Integrity Office (EIO) staff provides services and assistance on ethics related activities. The (EIO) is specifically responsible for:

  • Interpreting standards of conduct regulations
  • Reviewing financial disclosure reports
  • Offering ethics training and counseling services to help employees avoid ethics violations
United States Political Party Symbols - Ethics and Federal Employee Hatch Act Information

Ethics and Federal Employee Hatch Act Information

Standards & Principles

Amended Executive Order 12731 established the fourteen principles of ethical conduct for executive branch personnel. The CDC Ethics and Compliance Activity is responsible for ensuring employees are following these standards. Contact our office with any questions.

Maintaining the Public’s Trust is Our Highest Priority!

“Public Service is a Public Trust”

Confidential Financial Disclosure Report

OGE Form 450

Confidential financial disclosure report filers are determined by responsibilities associated with their positions. It is due within 30 days of employment in a covered position. This annual requirement must be submitted by February 15 each year.