Community & School Events

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NOTICE: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 (also known as the novel coronavirus) response and current CDC guidance regarding mass gatherings, all requests for CDC Ambassadors must be for virtual or remote events until further notice. For more information about COVID-19, visit

Do you want CDC to participate in your career day, health fair, or facilitate a handwashing demonstration at your community, organization, or school event?

The CDC Ambassador program empowers staff to share CDC’s 24/7 message of saving lives and protecting people from health threats at dozens of events, including career days/STEM events, health fairs, and handwashing demonstrations. If you are interested in CDC participating in one of these events, you do not need to complete a Speakers Request. Please send your event details to Community Relations. A representative will review your request and contact you.

  • Career days/ STEM events: Ambassador offers an overview of CDC, a presentation about their specialty area, and hard copy or interactive resources.
  • Health fairs: Ambassador provides public health materials and other interactive resources on various health topics.
  • Handwashing Demonstrations: Ambassador gives a presentation on the importance of handwashing, information on healthy behaviors, and GloGerm kit demonstration.
Page last reviewed: September 3, 2020