The Laboratory Workgroup

At a glance

The Laboratory Workgroup recommends improvements to strengthen the quality of work within CDC laboratories to the Advisory Committee to the Director.

About the Laboratory Workgroup

Laboratory Workgroup (LW) members are experts in public health science and practice; quality management and diagnostic regulations; and laboratory testing and research. The LW works with the Advisory Committee to the Director (ADC) CDC in their development of advice and recommendations regarding the effective implementation of laboratory quality improvements across the agency to ensure the agency's laboratories achieve a gold-standard level of quality using advanced laboratory science.

Terms of Reference (March 2023) [PDF – 173 KB]

Terms of Reference (June 2022 – February 2023) [PDF – 183 KB]

Recommendations for Enhancing CDC Laboratory Policies, Practices and Systems

Testing of Specimens Not Meeting Routine Acceptance Criteria Report [PDF – 367 KB]




Jill Taylor, PhD

Association of Public Health Laboratories

Senior Advisor for Scientific Affairs

Joshua Sharfstein, MD

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Professor of the Practice

David Fleming, MD

University of Washington School of Public Health

Clinical Associate Professor

Jay K. Varma, MD

Siga Technologies

Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

Daniel D. Rhoads, MD

Cleveland Clinic

Microbiology Section Head

Angela M. Caliendo, MD, PhD, FIDSA, FAAM

Brown University

Executive Vice Chair, Department of Medicine, Alpert Medical School

Scott Zimmerman, DrPH, MPH, HCLD (ABB)

Lab Corp

Vice President, Department of Science & Technology

Alberto Gutierrez, PhD

NDA Partners LLC


Jennifer L. Rakeman, PhD


Senior Director, Medical Affairs, Public Health Programs

Robin Patel, MD(CM), D(ABMM), FIDSA, FACP, F(AAM)

Mayo Clinic

Professor; Director, Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory; Co-Director, Bacteriology Laboratory

Grace Kubin, PhD

Texas Department of State Health Services

Director, Laboratory Services Section

Paul B. Kimsey, PhD, MA

California Department of Health

Deputy Director; Director, State Public Health Laboratory

Ruth Lynfield, MD

Minnesota Department of Health

State Epidemiologist, Medical Director

Tim Southern, PhD, MS, D(ABMM)

South Dakota Department of Health

Public Health Laboratory Director

Denise Toney, PhD (HCLD)

Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of General Services

Laboratory Director, Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services