About the New CDC.gov

The new CDC.gov features refreshed content and is easier to use.

What to know

  • The new CDC.gov is live and ready to use.
  • Experience enhanced usability, improved content, and reduced clutter.
  • If you need to access older content, visit the archive or view the site snapshot.
Redesigned CDC.gov homepage featuring modern layout, streamlined content, and improved user experience for easy navigation

A New CDC.gov

We are excited to share the new CDC.gov!

The new CDC.gov is based on testing with site users. As a result, we've streamlined it for the general public, public health professionals, and healthcare providers to find clear, up-to-date information. By also reducing duplicative and outdated content, our new site aims to provide information that is easier for you to find and understand.

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What you can expect

As you browse the website, you will notice:

  • A fresh, new look and feel with better readability.
  • Page summaries to help you better understand what information is on each page.
  • Streamlined information and easier access to content as a result of clean-up efforts across the site.
  • New navigation and an improved user experience.
  • Audience breakouts that tailor and organize content for public health professionals, healthcare providers, and the general public.

These enhancements underscore CDC's commitment to provide clear and effective communication to our users, delivering crucial health information how and when you need it. These changes to our site were inspired by substantial input and feedback from our web users.

Thank you for shaping the new CDC.gov! Throughout 2024, CDC will continue improving and optimizing its web content.

Accessing older content

Because we have cleaned up our site, some previous CDC.gov content is not available on the new site. However, if this is important to you, we have provided two options to find older content:

  • Snapshot2024.cdc.gov allows you to see CDC.gov exactly as it was before launch.
    • This will be available until November 29, 2024.
  • Archive.cdc.gov is where CDC will host archival versions of key content previously available on CDC.gov.
    • You can use the search bar to find earlier versions of past content to view, print, or save.
    • This will be available indefinitely.

Keep in mind that content in the website snapshot or archive is no longer updated and may not reflect the latest information.

Changes to URLs

The new CDC.gov includes link changes which will automatically direct users from old URLs to the new corresponding webpage.

If a webpage doesn't have a replacement or alternative piece of content, a "Page Not Found" notice will appear. If you are linking to CDC.gov pages, email us at dcm@cdc.gov for help adjusting your links and access the advanced URL mapping file.