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Letters and Statements From The Administrator

We appreciate the scientific expertise and insights of the WTC Health Program Scientific/Technical Advisory Committee and look forward to reviewing their recommendation on the Petition 001 regarding the addition of cancer, or types of cancer, to the List of World Trade Center-Related Health Conditions. The consideration of whether there is sufficient evidence to add cancer, or types of cancer, to the List of WTC-Related Health Conditions involves complex issues. We recognize how personal the issue of cancer is to 9/11 responders and survivors and their loved ones and will give the Advisory Committee’s recommendation serious review and thoughtful consideration prior to making a final decision on Petition 001.

Next Steps:

  • Once the Administrator receives the Advisory Committee’s recommendation he has 60 days to publish in the Federal Register either a notice of proposed rulemaking regarding the recommendation or a determination not to propose a rule and the basis for that determination. 
  • If the Administrator publishes a notice of proposed rulemaking to add cancer, or certain types of cancer, to the List of WTC-Related Health Conditions, the WTC Health Program must follow the normal regulatory process, including a minimum 30 day public comment period and review of those comments, before issuing a final rule.
  • If the Administrator determines not to add a certain type of cancer to the List of WTC-Related Health Conditions at this time there would still be the possibility that the type of cancer could be added to the List of WTC-Related Health Conditions in the future. Such potential future additions could be initiated through new petitions to the Administrator or at the Administrator’s discretion.

World Trade Center Scientific/Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) Recommendation on Petition 001 [PDF - 1 MB] - (4/2/2012)