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WTC Health Program Email Updates

Graphic depicting Program Updates newsletter coming out of an envelope.

Want to get World Trade Center (WTC) Health Program information sent to your inbox?
We plan to launch an eNews service later in 2023. It is not ready yet, but you can sign up now. We'll add your email address when it launches later this year.

Enter your email address to join the pre-launch list.
When you hit ‘Submit’, your email program or app (e.g., Gmail, Outlook, etc.) will open with an email to us all filled out. You just need to send it and we’ll add you to the list!

Privacy Policy

By submitting your email address here, you agree to allow us to enter this email address into our email service later this year. At that time, you will get an email at the address you provided. This initial message will allow you to officially opt-in to the service.

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More about the Email Updates

What the emails will feature:

  • Program news such as coverage updates, important bulletins, and more
  • Outreach event information
  • Administrator statements
  • 9/11 health research updates
  • Press releases

What these updates will not feature:

  • Individual care information or details
  • Individual Program enrollment information or details
  • Clinic-specific information
  • Specific medical information

Who these updates are for:

  • Anyone