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Learn about Benefits Counseling

Graphic depicting a call center employee wearing a headset and two members with info and question icons.

What is benefits counseling?

Benefits counseling is a service available to certified-eligible survivors and responders. With benefits counseling, a Program benefits counselor can explain benefits outside of the Program that you may qualify for. If you qualify, the benefits counselor can help you apply for those benefits.

A benefit counselor may also help explain:

  • the World Trade Center (WTC) Health Program,
  • how certain state and federal benefits interact with the Program,
  • and how to access services that may help your well-being.

Who is my benefits counselor?

A benefits counselor may be a case manager, social worker, or a staff person at your Clinical Centers of Excellence (CCE) or the Nationwide Provider Network (NPN).

To find out who your benefits counselor may be, contact your clinic.

How can I get benefits counseling?

Before or during your monitoring visit, a CCE or NPN Program representative may have you complete a short benefits assessment questionnaire. The questionnaire helps the benefits counselor find specific benefits you might be eligible for.

You can work with your benefits counselor to learn more about how you can access those benefits.

What kinds of benefits counseling does the program offer?

The WTC Health Program offers various types of benefits counseling, including:

  • your benefits, services, rights, and responsibilities as a WTC Health Program member,
  • workers’ compensation benefits,
  • September 11th Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) assistance,
  • disability benefits,
  • food, utility, housing, transportation, or other basic needs assistance,
  • cancer-related benefits and services for you and/or your family, and
  • assistance with finding services for your medical, mental health conditions, and/or medications not covered by the Program.

To learn more about the types of benefits counselling, visit the member handbook.

Information about the kinds of benefit counseling is also available for download in the following languages.

Still have questions or concerns?

If you need help or have additional questions, please contact your WTC Health Program clinic, or call the WTC Health Program call center at 1 (888) 982-4748.