Information for Parents and Caregivers

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When making health decisions for your family, it’s important to have the facts. This page provides places to find trustworthy, science-based information about the safety of vaccines.

Making the Vaccine Decision: Facts about Vaccine Safety

Vaccine Safety: What You Should Know
The basics about vaccine safety for parents and caregivers.

Common Vaccine Safety Concerns
Answers to common questions about vaccine safety.

The Journey of Your Child’s Vaccine
Step-by-step information about how vaccines are developed, tested, and continually monitored to make sure they are safe.

General Information about Vaccine Side Effects
Information about the most common vaccine side effects and what you should do if your child experiences them.

Vaccine Ingredients
Information about what vaccines are made of and the purpose of each ingredient.

Vaccines and Your Child’s Immune System
Explanation of why vaccines are recommended for certain ages and why they’re safe for your child’s immune system.

How CDC Monitors the Safety of Vaccines
Background about the systems in place to monitor vaccine safety.

Which Vaccines Are Recommended

Routine Immunization Schedules—Infants and Children, Preteens and Teens, Adults
Downloadable schedules of which vaccines are recommended, and for what ages.

Child and Adult Immunization Schedules
Get CDC’s official recommended immunization schedules for children, adolescents, and adults.

Information on Specific Vaccines

Facts for Parents: Diseases and the Vaccines that Prevent Them
Background about the diseases that can be prevented by vaccines, and which vaccines are available.

Vaccine Safety Profiles
Information and data about the safety of specific vaccines.

Vaccine Information Statements
Information sheets about each vaccine that your doctor is required to give you during your vaccine visit.

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For the Day of Your Doctor Visit

Tips for a Less Stressful Shot Visit
Simple ways you can support your child before, during, and after shots.

After the Shots: What to Do If Your Child Has Discomfort [PDF – 1 page]
Answers to questions many parents have after their children have been vaccinated.