How to Order Free Tuberculosis Education Materials

What to know

Did you know that CDC has free tuberculosis (TB) education materials available to order within the United States? Follow the steps on this page to order TB materials.

Step 1: Visit the CDC On Demand website

CDC Publications On Demand allows people in the United States to order printed copies of TB materials such as:

  • Fact sheets,
  • Posters,
  • Booklets,
  • Training resources, and
  • Other educational materials.

Step 2: Search available materials and add selected items to your cart

If you are looking for specific materials, enter your search terms in "Search Publications."

Images for How to order education materials search fields.
Search Publications menu

To view all available TB materials, select "Tuberculosis (TB)" under the "Topic" drop down menu.

A screenshot of the topic drop down menu.
Select "Tuberculosis (TB)"

To view TB materials by program, use the "Program" drop down menu to select

  • "Tuberculosis - For Health Care Providers" or
  • "Tuberculosis - For Patients and the General Public."
A screenshot of the program down menu.
Select "Tuberculosis - For Health Care Providers"
A Screenshot of the program down menu for TB Patient.
Select "Tuberculosis - For Patients and the General Public"

Step 3: Check out

Once satisfied with all of the requested materials, click "My Cart" in the upper right corner of the page.

A screenshot of my cart icons
My cart menu

From the "My Cart" page, you can

  • See all selected materials,
  • Update your order quantity,
  • Continue shopping, or
  • Proceed to checkout.
A Screenshot of the my cart TB graphic.
"My cart" shows your selected materials and quantities.

What if I cannot find the material I am looking for?

Not all TB education materials are available to order printed copies through CDC On Demand. Materials may be available for download on the CDC website.

Please use TB skin test rulers wisely.‎

If the CDC On Demand website does not list TB rulers, they may be out of stock.

Rulers for TB skin tests are difficult to order. They are not a single use item, please conserve and use wisely.