Long-Term Care Quick Start Guide: Preparing for Respiratory Virus Season

When respiratory viruses are spreading in the community, the risk for spread in long-term care (LTC) settings, including nursing homes, increases as well. Existing infection prevention and control measures can help prevent and slow the spread of flu, RSV, and COVID-19 to protect residents and staff. Preparing and responding to respiratory viruses in LTC settings requires a comprehensive approach that includes infection prevention, testing, vaccination, and treatment.

Below are some helpful CDC links to bookmark for the respiratory virus season.

Infection Prevention and Testing

Implement recommended infection prevention and control practices in the facility. Be aware when respiratory virus levels are increasing in the community and ensure access to respiratory viral testing with rapid results.

Guidance and Recommendations:



Provide recommended flu, RSV, and COVID-19 vaccines to residents and staff and encourage visitors to be vaccinated.

Guidance and Recommendations:

Resources for Providers:

Resources for Patients and Families:


Provide residents timely access to treatment and/or prophylaxis for flu and COVID-19.

Guidance and Recommendations:


Reporting to the National Healthcare Safety Network

Data nursing homes report to CDC’s National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) are critical to understanding the impact of COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccination in older adults, as well as supporting efforts to prevent infections.

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