Location of Access

Restricted-use data must be accessed at a secure lab in the RDC Network. The RDC Network includes NCHS RDCs and Federal Statistical RDCs (FSRDC).


Federal Statistical RDC (FSRDC)

Questions to consider before selecting a location of access

  1. Which location supports your data?
    • NCHS RDCs are appropriate for all projects.
    • NHANES Genetic, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Vaccine Safety Datalink are only available at NCHS RDCs.
    • National Evaluation of Welfare to Work Strategies (NEWWS) is mailed to researchers after approval. This is the only file approved to leave the RDC Network.


  2.  What statistical software do you plan to use?
    • NCHS RDC labs are equipped with the most common statistical software packages.
    • Some software extensions are not readily available at all locations. Contact the RDC for details.
    • Contact the FSRDC to determine available statistical software packages.


  3. Are you proficient in writing programs for your statistical software?
    • You must be able to troubleshoot any problems that arise during your analysis. RDC staff do not assist you with writing programs for your analysis.
    • NCHS does not allow physical hardcopies of notes or reference materials in FSRDCs. All notes and references materials are submitted electronically to your RDC Analyst for approval prior to your visit.


  4.  Are you a U.S Citizen?
    • If  “No,” please email NCHS RDC (rdca@cdc.gov ) and FSRDCs to inquire about access requirements before writing your proposal.


  5.  Are you near a NCHS RDC or FSRDCs? Is your organization/institution a FSRDC partner?


  6.  Does your budget support your project costs?
    • The minimum cost is $3,000.  Fees and Invoicing
    • FSRDCs may charge additional fees. Contact an FSRDC for more information.