About Us

Roybal Campus Building 19

Our Mission

Our goal is to support CDC’s mission by facilitating the development and transition of CDC innovations into products that benefit the health of Americans and people around the world.

What We Do

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Technology Transfer Office (TTO) partners with industry, academia, non-profits, and other government agencies to transfer CDC’s research portfolio into products and services to improve public health. TTO and our NIH partners evaluate, protect, market, license, monitor, and manage the wide range of CDC’s scientific discoveries. The team provides an array of services to support technology transfer activities: negotiating collaborative agreements in accordance with Federal statutes and regulations, reviewing employee invention reports, making recommendations concerning the filing of domestic and foreign patent applications and working closely with inventors and outside parties to facilitate commercialization efforts for public health benefit.

Our Most Frequently Provided Services

  • Licensing (both patented and non-patented technologies)
  • Research collaborations
  • Intellectual property (IP) management
  • Material transfers
  • Confidential disclosure agreements

CDC’s technologies include diagnostics assays, early therapeutics, vaccine candidates, research tools such as biological materials and isolates, devices, software, and occupational safety and health products. Technologies developed by CDC scientists and engineers have been licensed to commercial partners in many parts of the world.

Benefits of CDC Technology Transfer

  • Advances for public health
  • Opportunity for global impact
  • Permissions to use Federal IP, scientific knowledge, and research materials
  • Partnering with a Federal laboratory and a variety of agreement options
  • Prospects for developing and commercializing new products and services
  • Economic development
  • Return on taxpayer investment
  • Potential to further CDC innovation and scientific research

Contact us for research collaboration and licensing opportunities at TTO@CDC.gov.