2020 Charles C. Shepard Science Awards

Racism as a Public Health Crisis

The 2020 Charles C. Shepard Science Awards were held on September 15, 2020.


Assessment – (Co-winners)

Kathleen P. Hartnett, Aaron Kite-Powell, Megan T. Patel, Brittani L. Haag, Michael J. Sheppard, Taylor P. Dias, Brian A. King, Paul C. Melstrom, Matthew D. Ritchey, Zachary Stein, Nimi Idaikkadar, Alana M. Vivolo-Kantor, Dale A. Rose, Peter A. Briss, Jennifer E. Layden, Loren Rodgers, and Jennifer Adjemian
Syndromic Surveillance for E-Cigarette, or Vaping, Product Use-Associated Lung Injury
The New England Journal of Medicine 2020; 69(9):236-240 

Lyna Z. Schieber, Gery P. Guy, Jr., Puja Seth, Randall Young, Christine L. Mattson, Christina A. Mikosz, and Richard A. Schieber
Trends and Patterns of Geographic Variation in Opioid Prescribing Practices by State, United States, 2006-2017
JAMA Network Open 2019; 2(3):e190665

Data Methods and Study Design

David S. Campo, Vishal Nayak, Ganesh Srinivasamoorthy and Yury Khudyakov 
Entropy of mitochondrial DNA circulating in blood is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma 
BMC Medical Genomics 2019; 12(Suppl 4):74

Laboratory Science

Patricia A. Jorquera, Vasiliy P. Mishin, Anton Chesnokov, Ha T. Nguyen, Brian Mann, Rebecca Garten, John Barnes, Erin Hodges, Juan De La Cruz, Xiyan Xu, Jackie Katz, David E. Wentworth and Larisa V. Gubareva 
Insights into the antigenic advancement of influenza A(H3N2) viruses, 2011–2018
Scientific Reports 2019; 9:2676

Keynote Speaker
Michelle Ann Williams, SM, ScD

Dean, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health

Prevention and Control

Meng-Yu Chen, Charles E. Rose, Yan Ping Qi, Jennifer L. Williams, Lorraine F. Yeung, Robert J. Berry, Ling Hao, Michael J. Cannon, and Krista S. Crider
Defining the plasma folate concentration associated with the red blood cell folate concentration threshold for optimal neural tube defects prevention: a population-based, randomized trial of folic acid supplementation
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2019; 109:1452-1461

Lifetime Scientific Achievement

Dr. Jim Pirkle 
National Center for Environmental Health/Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

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