Application of the Framework

The degree of impact is not necessarily a progression; therefore, events captured may not be reflected at every domain. At each domain, a number of key indicators are identified that can be tracked. A health outcome is the ultimate goal – driven by the 5 domains of influence. Elements are to the “right” of “process” in an “input-process-output” logic model. These elements represent domains of influence by CDC science.

Input-Process-Output Logic Module

CIOs, Divisions, and Branches may prospectively track the impact of their science or activities that have a strong scientific component using

  • Specific/individual scientific documents
    • Guidelines and Recommendations or G&R (e.g., how many state health departments are implementing specific G&R)
    • Major peer- review manuscripts, etc.
  • Scientists
    • Hopefully may result in culture change in performance evaluation from current emphasis on number of publications (academic angle) to impact of work (public health angle)
  • Broader activities
    • Projects
    • Programs

Allow for rolling up information about impact at the CIO and at the agency level

  • QPR presentations could allow for some across-the-agency comparisons

Assist with communication about what CDC does and what effect its work has on people at home and abroad and globally

Provide consistency of narrative/facts, but adjusted for different audiences

  • Periodic/annual reports
  • Congressional briefs
  • Video clips for public