How the Framework was Tested

Case studies were selected from:

  • CDC Public Health Grand Rounds (4)
  • Shepard award winner manuscripts (4)
  • MMWR articles (1)

Case studies covered a broad set of activities across the agency:

  • Basic research – laboratory, epidemiology
  • Guidelines and recommendations, surveillance
  • Infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases
  • Meta-analyses, evaluation

For each case study, work group members:

  • Identified events related to the original manuscript(s) and placed them tentatively within 1 of the 5 domains of influence
  • Researched in more detail the role/influence of the original CDC manuscript(s) in these events to establish documented links between the manuscript(s) and these events
  • Validated the events and the links with the program subject matter expert (SME) and confirmed the assignment of events within 1 of 5 domains of influence (or reassigned them per SME advice)

Examples of Scientific Impact narratives developed using the Framework: