Onboarding Resources

What to know

CDC's NSSP provides the syndromic surveillance community with the BioSense Platform. This secure, cloud-based system detects and monitors health threats. Successfully onboarding health care facilities, vendors, and public health sites into the platform is vital. High-quality live data feeds power the system. These data, paired with standardized tools and processes, enable effective investigation and rapid response. Our onboarding work is an investment in a modernized public health data infrastructure.

Graph showing tools and data

Key roles in the process

Facilities transmit de-identified patient information to the BioSense Platform in near real-time. Our partners in this process who help ensure high-quality data feeds include:

  • The facility that will submit data. In addition to the organizations that deliver care, this could also include electronic health record vendors or health information exchanges.
  • The site, our term for the public health authority that serves as an administrative hub for groupings of facilities that transmit data.
  • The site administrator, the primary public health authority contact at each site. Site admins will build relationships with facility staff and oversee all aspects of onboarding. Site admins serve as liaisons between facilities and NSSP.

Identifying your site administrator‎

If you are associated with a facility and you're not sure who your site administrator is, contact your state or local health department. You can also reach out to NSSP by emailing nssp@cdc.gov, or create an NSSP Service Desk ticket (account access required).