Master Facility Table

What to know

The Master Facility Table (MFT) is an SQL table housed on the BioSense Platform. It contains site-specific information that will be part of your syndromic surveillance messages. These messages are critical to getting an accurate health picture and for identifying outbreaks, monitoring trends, and detecting environmental hazards. Accuracy is key, because MFT fields ensure data map correctly and are easily identifiable when queried.

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All site administrators can access their site's Master Facility Table (MFT). To grant access to others, site admins may update the user's Privilege Level in the AMC User Profile. There are two MFT user roles:

  • MFT View-Only User, who can access the MFT for that site and view entries but not make changes
  • MFT Edit User, who can view and edit that site's MFT

NSSP's onboarding team can also access MFTs to confirm requested updates and verify data entered by site admins and MFT Edit Users. Because the MFT user interface is the site's key to processing facility data, MFT access is restricted to just those users who may need to update, add, or review facility information.

Everyone wants the onboarding process to go smoothly and be error-free. By updating the MFT regularly and keeping it current, you decrease the likelihood for discrepancies once the facility begins transmitting data to NSSP. Any discrepancies between what the site administrator enters into the MFT versus what the facility sends could raise issues.

For example, if the site administrator entered a FacilityID_UUID into the MFT different from that submitted in the data, the mismatched identifiers will prevent incoming data from mapping accurately to the facility listed in the MFT. Worse yet, data will not process and will continuously route to the exceptions table until the issue is resolved. (Tip: This is a good reason to check Data Quality reports in WinSCP for staging exceptions data or the Data Quality Dashboard and SAS Data Quality [DQ] On Demand for production exceptions data.)


Access & Management Center

The Access & Management Center (AMC) is a launching pad for NSSP applications, including the MFT.