Onboarding Outreach: Production Exceptions


This guide walks site administrators through how to respond when notified about issues with data submission prior to validation review. This can sometimes occur as facilities are onboarding into the BioSense Platform. Learn about the causes and steps to take to correct these problems.

Graphic of computer screen showing 04 exception

Production Exceptions table

Sometimes sites send data to the Production environment before facilities have passed NSSP's validation review. When this occurs, the messages are routed to the Production Exceptions table. They'll be annotated with one of two reason codes:

  • 04 to indicate C_Facility_ID was not found on the Operational Crosswalk
  • 05 to indicate C_Facility_ID was not an active facility at time of message processing

Both 04 and 05 exceptions will show up in the Production Exceptions tables. The NSSP onboarding team will see these exceptions during the monthly site review. A team member will email the site administrators and ask them to review the list of facilities and respond as described below.

Correcting for 04 C_Facility_ID exception

The 04 exception indicates a facility identifier is not associated with an Onboarding or Active status in the Operational Crosswalk table. To correct, take one of the actions below.

If the facility does NOT exist on the Master Facility Table (MFT):

  • Add the facility to the MFT
  • Set the facility status to Onboarding
  • Add the provided Treating or Sending Facility ID as the Primary FacilityID_UUID

If the facility exists: Update the entry in the MFT to include the provided Treating or Sending Facility ID as the Primary FacilityID_UUID.

Correcting for 05 C_Facility_ID exception

The 05 exception indicates a facility is recognized (listed on the MFT) at the time of message processing. However, the MFT facility status is neither Active nor has a Review Status of Complete. To correct, take one of the actions below.

If the facility's data are of good enough quality (see more on this below) update the MFT facility status to Active.

  • An Active status will notify the NSSP onboarding team that the facility data are ready to validate (before activation in production).
  • When data validity is confirmed, the activation will be approved. Data will flow to the Processed table and then to ESSENCE.

If the facility's data do NOT meet minimum NSSP validation requirements:

  • Make sure the MFT facility status is set to Onboarding with a Review Status of Complete.
  • Send data from this facility to the Onboarding environment, if possible.

This guidance does not replace the onboarding activities that individual sites use. Instead, this guidance supplements or enhances those activities. The NSSP onboarding team supports all onboarding and data flow activities in support of individual site administrators after reviewing the 04 and 05 Production Exceptions.

Reach out for help‎

If you have questions about the Exceptions table or want to enlist the onboarding team's help, please submit a ticket to the NSSP Service Desk (an account is required).

Operational Crosswalk

During data processing, the BioSense Platform uses a table titled Operational Crosswalk to ensure that the treating and sending facility IDs are valid for processing. Then the C_BioSense_Facility_ID and other calculated field values are assigned, as specified by BioSense Platform data processing rules. Refer to the NSSP Data Dictionary and Quick Start Guide to Using the MFT for more information about data processing.

Data quality

Data are considered good quality when 80% of incoming Priority 1 data elements are complete, all Priority 1 and select Priority 2/Priority 3 data elements received are valid, and data are received in a timely manner.

Refer to the Job Aid: Syndromic Data Element Prioritization for information on Priority 1, 2, and 3 data elements.