NPPTL Respirator Assessments to Support the COVID-19 Response

Non-NIOSH approved Innovative Filtering Facepiece Respirator Assessment Request

NPPTL is conducting a series of respirator assessments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. NPPTL has received several requests to assess non-NIOSH approved innovative filtering facepiece respirator designs made by commercial equipment. There is a lack of comparison of filtration performance of these non-NIOSH approved devices to NIOSH approved N95 Respirators.

The protocol assesses the particulate filter efficiency and pressure difference of innovative filtering facepiece respirators. Only new and unused respirators that are produced by commercial equipment will be assessed. The innovative respirators may be fit tested and used by healthcare workers in national emergency situations provided NIOSH and FDA regulations permit.

For those entities that wish to have their products tested, NPPTL will be issuing guidance to have products sent to our laboratories in Pittsburgh, PA and Morgantown, WV to perform an assessment.

If you are interested in having NPPTL assess the particulate filter efficiency and pressure difference of your innovative respirators, please complete the following form.

If assessment of multiple models of respirators is being requested, this form should be completed for each model.

Page last reviewed: December 15, 2020