Cross-Cutting Resources

Links to non-federal government organizations found in the resources listed below are provided solely as a service to the reader. These links do not constitute an endorsement of these organizations or their programs by CDC or the federal government, and none should be inferred. CDC is not responsible for the content of the individual organization sites listed on this website.

Program Planning and Implementation

Sustainability Guidepdf icon [PDF-2.9MB]

This Guide provides science and practice-based evidence to help public and community health professionals develop a sustainability plan and learn key sustainability approaches.

Community Health Online Resource Center (CHORC)

This database of resources provides practice-based tools that support environmental improvements in communities. Resources include webinars, toolkits, guides, fact sheets, and other practical materials.

Program Highlights

These highlights focus on grantees’ efforts to implement strategies that encourage healthy eating, increased physical activity, and breastfeeding.

Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity: Data, Trends and Maps

This online tool allows users to search for and view indicators related to nutrition, physical activity and obesity.  Searches are made on the basis of a specific location or an indicator.

Health Equity

Health Equity Toolkit

This toolkit provides information to increase the capacity of state health departments and their partners to work with and through communities to implement effective responses to obesity in populations that are facing health disparities. The primary focus is on how to create systems and environmental changes that will reduce obesity disparities and achieve health equity. The accompanying website is intended as a guide for using the toolkit.

Practitioner’s Guide for Advancing Health Equity

This resource helps communities address disparities by making improvements where people live, learn, work and play. It discusses skills and strategies for tobacco, healthy food and beverages, and active living


Center TRT Evaluation Frameworkexternal icon

This framework was designed to increase practitioner capacity to conduct evaluations of programs and policies targeting environmental and behavioral obesity-related outcomes. It can be adapted to any obesity prevention program or to any stage of the policy change process.

Built Environment Assessment Tool Manual

This manual helps individuals measure the core features of the built environment that affect health in their community – especially walking, biking, and other types of physical activity – and the equality of those features.

Communication Materials

Communication Planning Toolword icon [Word-64KB]

The Communication Planning Tool will help you plan paid, earned, partner, and digital/social media efforts over a 12 month period. Using this tool will help support and sustain program initiatives.

Media Impressions Worksheet [Excel-1.7MB]

The Media Impressions Worksheet helps capture and report earned media news stories, paid or in-kind media, and social/digital media efforts. Users can share the estimated number of people reached and value of communication activities. Be sure to read the instructions included on the first sheet for helpful hints before using.

Expert Panel Meeting on Communicating about Overweight/Obesity with Hispanic Audience – Summary Report (2017)pdf icon [PDF-432KB]

This report summarizes discussions at a CDC expert panel on key lessons learned about communicating with Hispanic audiences about overweight and obesity.

Expert Panel Meeting on Communicating about Overweight/Obesity with African American Populations – Executive Summary (2015)pdf icon [PDF-1.1MB]

This summary provides key observations and recommendations from an expert panel convened by the CDC on environmental factors that affect obesity and obesity-related communication with African American audiences.

Publication List: Evidence for Communication and Marketing in Community Health Settingspdf icon [PDF-900KB]

This publication list provides many examples that can help public health practitioners better understand how communication and marketing contribute to local, state, and national community health efforts.

State and Community Health Media Center (Media Center)

This website provides a collection of multimedia tools on various health topics that can be used to complement community health messaging and education outreach.

Success Story Generator

Use this online tool to develop success stories and initiatives for policymakers, public health practitioners, partners and others to promote your program efforts.

Testing Core Community Health Messages with the Publicpdf icon [PDF-319KB]

This executive summary of research findings details CDC’s efforts to better understand how to effectively communicate with the public about community health and relevant issues.

Making the Business Case for Prevention Video Series

Watch and share a selection of online videos that address community health and chronic disease prevention.