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Go light when you grab a bite. Eating on the go? Go light!

Go Light When You Grab a Bite

Did you know that in 1960 26% of the money spent on food in the United States was on food eaten away from home, and by 2011 that number had jumped to nearly half? Americans now buy and consume food away from home an average of four times a week which can mean an extra eight pounds a year. View this infographic for data on food eaten away from home and tips for eating out or on-the-go.

What is The New (Ab)Normal?

The New (Ab)Normal

Servings everywhere have grown, along with our waistlines. This infographic has data on the increase in the average restaurant meal and tips for eating out.

Time to scale back. Bigger isn%26rsquo;t always better.

Time to Scale Back

Portion sizes have steadily increased over the past few decades. This infographic has data on the increase in hamburger portion size and the average weight of men along with tips for eating out.

Screen time versus lean time. How much entertainment screen time do kids get?

Screen Time vs. Lean Time

Do you know how much time kids ages 8-18 spend on average in front of a screen for entertainment each day? View this infographic that has screen time data for kids and offers physical activity ideas and tips for parents on limiting entertainment screen time.

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