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Stand & Witness: Art in the Time of COVID-19

Opening June 17, 2024

an artistic rendering of an older woman wearing a mask

In many ways, artists are first responders—to repurpose a term often used in public health and emergency response. Soon after shutdowns began in March 2020, artists took to their studios, desks and Zoom to bear witness and to process the global COVID-19 experience. Throughout the pandemic, they continued to serve on the emotional frontlines of COVID-19 interpretation.


Museum Closed for Exhibit Installation

May 27 – June 14, 2024
Oct 28-Nov 22, 2024

2024-2025 Exhibitions Schedule

Health is a Human Right: Achieving Health Equity
Temporary Exhibitions Gallery
Nov 25, 2024 – Aug 1, 2025

Vaccines for Children: Celebrating 30 Years (working title)
Temporary Exhibitions Gallery
Opening August 19, 2024