Visitor Guidelines and Behavioral Expectations

CDC Museum Display

Being considerate of museum staff, objects, and visitors is essential to the success of group visits. Visitors unwilling to adhere to guidelines will be asked to leave the tour and wait for their group in the museum lobby.

Food and beverages are not allowed in the galleries.

Photography is allowed only inside the museum. Pictures may not be taken outside the museum.

Follow all instructions given by CDC Security and CDC Museum staff.

Use quiet voices. Please be mindful of other museum visitors, including those in your group.

Refrain from talking or texting on cell phones during guided tours.

Make sure your cell phone is in “silent” mode.

Do not touch objects on display unless invited to do so.

Do not lean or stand on exhibit cases, platforms, or other exhibit structures.

Chaperones must stay with their groups and remain actively involved in the enforcement of these behavioral expectations. Please help set a good example by refraining from cell phone use during guided tours.

Students should be great ambassadors for their schools. Be an active participant in the tour. Ask questions!