Cells: The Universe Inside Us

Maryland Science Center
Maryland Science Center - Journey into the microscopic world of cells

Journey into the microscopic world of cells

September 24, 2012 – January 4, 2013

Did you know that trillions of cells are working together as you breathe, sleep, and think? Take a closer look at your cells and find out what is really happening every moment that you are alive.

Throughout the exhibit you can meet scientists who are asking questions about cells and watch complex cell processes transformed into choreographed dances.

Exhibit highlights

  • Virtual experiments using gold particles and stem cells
  • Giant walk-in cell
  • Videos of cells in action
  • Cells and the miracle of life
  • Control a time-lapse movie showing human fetal development. Use a magnifying glass to compare pig embryos to photos of a developing human embryo. Watch your arm move and muscle cells contract. Match a cell’s shape to its job.

The world inside a cell

See models of a cell membrane, nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, and lysosome inside a giant cell. Fly inside a virtual cell on a huge screen. Make protein shapes with your shadow. Play a computer game to see how proteins are made inside the nucleus.

Cells and your health

Compare an osteoporotic bone to a healthy bone, a smoker’s lungs and non-smoker’s lungs, and a clogged artery to a healthy artery. Use a virtual scalpel to cut a planaria in half and watch it regenerate. Design a cancer fighting nanoparticle in a virtual lab. Get moving and see how exercise affects your body at the cellular level.

Cells: The Universe Inside Us was created and produced by the Maryland Science Center with funding from MetLife Foundation.