Voice of the Patient

This series highlights people with ME/CFS in their own voices. These stories are from women and men, from people still working and those who can no longer work, from patients and caregivers, and from people of different ages and racial and ethnic groups. We are honored they have chosen to share their stories.

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Eleanor's Story

Eleanor received a diagnosis of ME/CFS following COVID illness

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Additional Stories
  • Katherine and her husband share their journey with ME/CFS.
  • Adhira and Neel are a mother and son who both have ME/CFS
  • Max is a former pharmaceutical executive managing the “new normal” of ME/CFS
  • Peter shares his journey as a father of a daughter with ME/CFS
  • Andrew provides his unique perspective as both a person with ME/CFS and a physician
  • Ann adjusts from being a former international athlete
  • Liz tells her story, hoping for healing and for an end to ME/CFS stigma
  • Marlene shares how different every experience with ME/CFS can be

Disclaimer: The opinions and conclusions on this web page are those of the patients and other contributors, and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The names of some contributors have been changed to protect their privacy.