Resources for Medical Students

Curricula for healthcare provider education can vary between programs and schools. As medical students, you may not see patients with ME/CFS as part of your training. CDC understands that your heavy course load may not allow time for additional education on ME/CFS. To ensure that you are able to diagnose and care for patients with ME/CFS, we have provided key resources for the next generation of healthcare professionals. Medical, nursing, and allied health students can learn about the case definition and symptoms for ME/CFS, view case studies, and hear directly from the patient perspective. After learning about ME/CFS, you can bring these resources back to your schools and peers and start a dialog about the importance of all medical students recognizing this debilitating illness.

CDC provides these resources to help you learn about ME/CFS, including:

  • A case study published in MedEd Portal that introduces ME/CFS to medical students
  • Short videos that show how to manage time constraints during patient appointments
  • Medscape continuing medical education (CME) courses that use ME/CFS medical experts to offer their education and opinions
  • A diverse series of stories from people with ME/CFS in their own voices
  • Tools to help healthcare providers assess and manage the care of people with ME/CFS