Educational Videos for Providers

Healthcare providers can better serve their patients if they understand what life is like for people living with ME/CFS. Understanding diagnostic challenges and strategies associated with ME/CFS can provide ideas for time management in order to achieve successful office visits with patients with ME/CFS.

Medscape Education: Knowledge, Attitudes, & Beliefs of ME/CFS
WebMD anchorman sitting in front of screen with CDC campus building in background

Join Medscape Education and hear from John Whyte, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer, WebMD talk about how knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of ME/CFS can impact patients and healthcare providers.

Strategies for Office Time Management

Two physician assistants (PA) discuss the time management challenges associated with diagnosing and managing ME/CFS.

Using the 2015 IOM Diagnostic Criteria for ME/CFS

Two physicians talk about the challenges associated with diagnosing and managing ME/CFS. One of the physicians describes the 2015 Institute of Medicine Report on ME/CFS and how it helped him with the symptom identification.