Family Planning

Family Planning

Advances in HIV research, prevention, and treatment have made it possible for women with HIV to give birth to babies who are free of HIV. Learn more about protecting your baby during pregnancy, birth, and after delivery.

What should I ask my health care provider about having a baby?

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Your health care provider can provide information to help you make the best decision about having a baby. You might ask your health care provider some of these questions:

  • What is the safest way to conceive?
  • Will HIV cause problems for me during pregnancy or delivery?
  • Will my HIV treatment cause problems for my baby?
  • What are the pros and cons of taking medicine while I am pregnant?
  • Is my viral load undetectable?
  • How do I avoid transmitting HIV to my partner, surrogate, or baby during conception, pregnancy, and delivery?
  • If my partner is on PrEP, will we have a lower chance of transmitting HIV to our baby?
  • What medical and community programs and support groups can help me and my baby?
  • What birth control methods are best for me?

Adopting a baby is also an option for people with HIV who want to begin or expand their families. The American with Disabilities Actexternal icon does not allow adoption agencies to discriminate against individuals or couples with HIV.