Pre-Award Activities for Applicants

How to Apply

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  • Review the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO): Read the NOFO document to become familiar with CDC’s specific project need(s) and desired outcome(s); visit the Application Process page for additional background information on CDC’s NOFOs
    • Prospective applicants should sign up to receive NOFO change notifications: visit and click on the “Send Me Change Notifications Emails” link within the Synopsis Details tab
  • Determine eligibility and submission dates: After reading the NOFO, determine if your organization is a good fit based on organizational capabilities, CDC need(s), and NOFO eligibility requirements, if any
  • Complete required registrations and forms: Complete all pre-application registrations noted within the NOFO. Required registrations include:
  • Develop and submit an application: Follow the guidance, requirements, and timelines outlined in the NOFO to develop and submit required documents
    • Applicants are required to complete the pre-award CDC Risk Questionnaire and include it with their application package via The questionnaire addresses risk categories related to operational, financial, and compliance areas, and is required for all new NOFOs posted on For more information about the risk questionnaire, please refer to the fact sheet, CDC’s Risk Management Framework.
    • Visit the Application Process page for more information logo