Pre-Award Activities for Applicants

How to Apply

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  • Review the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO): Read the NOFO document to become familiar with CDC’s specific project need(s) and desired outcome(s); visit the Application Process page for additional background information on CDC’s NOFOs
    • Prospective applicants should sign up to receive NOFO change notifications: visit and click on the “Send Me Change Notifications Emails” link within the Synopsis Details tab
  • Determine eligibility and submission dates: After reading the NOFO, determine if your organization is a good fit based on organizational capabilities, CDC need(s), and NOFO eligibility requirements, if any
  • Complete required registrations and forms: Complete all pre-application registrations noted within the NOFO. Required registrations include:
  • Develop and submit an application: Follow the guidance, requirements, and timelines outlined in the NOFO to develop and submit required documents. logo