Key Steps of the Application Process

How to Apply

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Below are key steps of the application process.

  1. Develop an internal strategy for developing the application.
    Identify the requirements, outline internal deadlines, engage appropriate stakeholders, and develop the writing approach.
  2. Work towards the submission date.
    Review the NOFO carefully; some applications must be postmarked by a specific date while other applications must be received by a specific date.
  3. When writing, think like a reviewer.
    Use language that can be easily understood by peer reviewers, scientists, and the public. Create a well-structured, readable application.
  4. Complete required registrations [Completion of registration can take 3-14 business days.]
  5. Download the grant application package from
  6. Complete and submit the grant application package to
    Save changes to your application as you go. does not automatically save changes. The package cannot be submitted until all required fields are populated. Click the “Save & Submit” button on the grant application package cover page.
  7. Track and submit your application package
    using the tracking number provided on the submission confirmation screen. For other submitted application tracking FAQs, visit
  8. Resources to assist you in the application process logo