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Payment of funds is made available through the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Payment Management System (PMS). PMS is a full-service, grants payment and cash management system. It provides awarding agencies and grantees with the tools to manage payment requests, disbursements, and reporting activities throughout the life of a grant.

To request access to PMS, please fill out and submit the form on Payment Management System (, following the instructions provided.

Update to PMS Login Process (February 2024). In response to the recent incidents of fraudulent activity, PMS is changing its login process to implement improved identity assurance in conjunction with multi-factor authentication. Starting February 10, 2024, HHS and non-HHS grantors will only be permitted to log into PMS with their government issued Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card or Common Access Card (CAC). Grant recipients MUST register and enable multi-factor authentication with in order to log in. For more information, go to PMS System Access | HHS PSC FMP Payment Management Services.

As a reminder, federal financial assistance award recipients are a crucial part of safeguarding federal funds and maintaining a secure cyber environment. Check out this blog post to learn more.

To login to PMS, please visit the HHS Payment Management System. logo