Prior Approval Requests

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CDC anticipates that recipients may need to make post-award changes to their award budgets, or other aspects of their approved applications, in order to accomplish programmatic objectives. The terms and conditions of the recipients Notice of Award (NOA) will outline the activities that require CDC prior approval.

Prior approval requests for non-research grants must be made in GrantSolutions Grants Management Module (GMM). Prior approval requests for research grants must be made via eRA Commons.

All prior approval requests should be made at least 120 days before the end of the budget period. The request must be endorsed by the recipient Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR). Failure to obtain required prior approval may result in the disallowance of costs, termination of the award, or other enforcement action within CDC’s authority.

Guidance for Prior Approval Submissions

The Office of Grants Services developed documents to ensure your Prior Approval submissions in GMM (non-research grants) or eRA Commons (research grants) conform to CDC policy and contain necessary supporting documentation, ensuring review and processing in a timely manner. logo