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Funding Restrictions

Funding restrictions and limitations (if applicable) are listed and detailed in the notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) and are incorporated into the Notice of Award (NoA). The Grants Management Specialist (GMS) may place administrative restrictions on an award based on the findings of a budget analysis and/or formal budget negotiations. Program Officials may also recommend restrictions.

The recipient must work closely with the GMS to resolve any restrictions/limitations.

Budget Modifications

Some budget modifications require CDC prior approval. Refer to the section on Prior Approval Requests.


Grant funds requested in the travel category should be for recipient staff travel only. Travel for consultants should be shown in the consultant category. Travel for other participants (e.g., advisory committees, review panel, etc.) should be itemized as specified below and placed in the Other category.

For in-state travel, provide a narrative justification describing the travel staff members will perform. List where travel will be undertaken, number of trips planned, who will be making the trips, and approximate dates. If mileage is to be paid, provide the number of miles and the cost per mile. If travel is by air, provide the estimated cost of airfare. If per diem/lodging is to be paid, indicate the number of days and amount of daily per diem, as well as the number of nights and estimated cost of lodging. Include the cost of ground transportation, when applicable.

For out-of-state travel, provide a narrative justification including the same information requested above. Include CDC meetings, conferences, and workshops, if required by CDC. Itemize Out-of-State Travel in the format described above for in-state travel.

More information can be found in the CDC Budget Preparation Guidelines [PDF – 416 KB] .


Grant funds may be awarded to provide general support for domestic or international conferences. Recipients are encouraged to review the notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) carefully. Conferences must within the scope of the NOFO and approved in the terms and conditions of the Notice of Award (NoA).

Indirect Cost Recovery

If indirect costs are reimbursable under an award, applicants may request indirect costs in their applications. See HHS GPS Allowable Costs and Payment of Fee II-120.


For each requested position, provide the following information: 1) name of staff member occupying the position; 2) annual salary; 3) percentage of time budgeted for this program; 4) total months of salary budgeted; and 5) total salary requested. Also, provide a justification and describe the scope of responsibility for each position, relating it to the accomplishment of program objectives.

More information can be found in the CDC Budget Preparation Guidelines [PDF – 416 KB].

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