Digital Media Toolkits

Digital Media Toolkits are made available to help partners, including state, tribal, local, and territorial health departments, and the community, communicate the importance of drug overdose prevention, harm reduction and death, health equity, and support for treatment and recovery. CDC encourages partner organizations to use these messages on their social media platforms to encourage prevention and treatment of drug overdoses.

How to Use the Toolkit

These digital toolkits will include sample social media, blog, and newsletter content; graphics; web assets, and links to related resources. Toolkit materials are downloadable, shareable, and some of the material is customizable. Toolkit materials are designed to be shared.

We create our toolkits with health communicators at state and local public health departments in mind, but these materials are public information. If you have a Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account and an interest in helping CDC to promote personal health preparedness on social media, we hope you too will make frequent and free use of the toolkit.

Facebook Frames

Support the Recovery Month 2022  by changing your profile picture or encouraging your friends, fans, and followers to use the image as their own profile picture. Add an #RecoveryMonth frame to your Facebook profile picture by visiting the CDC Facebook account. Use the links below to add the frame to your profile. 

My Path to Recovery is Unique Like Me
Every Journey is Unique

To add one of our three frames to your profile picture:

  1. Go to
  2. Search using the phrase “Recovery Month 2022” and select the Recovery Month 2022 by CDC frame you want to use.
  3. Click Use as Profile Picture to save.
GIPHY Stickers

Did you know that we have stickers in the GIPHY store? We do! This edition of our Recovery Month Social Media Toolkit contains information on how to find and use our GIPHY stickers for posting in your Stories on Instagram and Facebook. Use our stickers on your stories to reduce stigma and encourage treatment and recovery.

Social Media Content

Simply click the video in the left column to download. The copy sample in the right column can be used for Facebook and Instagram posts. Keep in mind, however, that URLs do not become active links when used in a feed post on Instagram. If you would like to direct Instagram users to an external webpage, you can do so in a story post by using the “link” button.

Help us encourage people to use our GIPHY stickers on their social media stories.

Examples of the Recovery Month GIPHY stickers that are available in the GIPHY store: 

Overcoming Addiction Everyday
I Support Recovery
Recovery Supporter #RecoveryMonth
Every Journey Is Unique #RecoveryMonth
My Path to Recovery is Unique Like Me

To see more of our GIPHY stickers and to post them on your story, check out the GIPHY store. For tips on how to use a GIPHY sticker, follow the instructions in our explainer video above.

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