OD2A: Surveillance

OD2A-funded jurisdictions work to collect data on fatal and non-fatal drug overdoses. Jurisdictions work collaboratively with CDC to implement locally relevant activities that align to each of the overarching OD2A strategies. These activities help both jurisdictions and CDC monitor and gather data on the scope of overdoses across the country. Some examples of activities include:

  • Collecting emergency department data on suspected drug overdoses
  • Capturing detailed drug overdose death information from death certificates, toxicology reports, and medical examiner/coroner reports, and other sources
  • Implementing innovative surveillance activities that link multiple data sources and systems
State Unintentional Drug Overdose Reporting System (SUDORS) Fact Sheet
Explore the Data

CDC provides technical assistance to help OD2A jurisdictions collect data, which improves the completeness and timeliness of our databases. Explore the data below:

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