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Health and Safety Concerns for All Disasters

mosquito biting an arm

Animals & Insects

Information on animal and insect related hazards after a disaster including wild or stray animals, mosquitos, rodents, and more.

person plugging an extension cord into a portable generator

Carbon Monoxide

Learn how to avoid CO poisoning when using alternate sources of fuel or electricity for heating or cooking during a power outage.

person with safety cleaning gloves holding bucket filled with cleaning supplies

Safe Clean up

Take steps to stay safe while cleaning up your home and yard after a disaster including wearing proper safety gear.

two people holding hands outdoors

Coping With a Disaster or Traumatic Event

Resources promoting mental health and resilience including tips to cope with the stress of a traumatic event.


filled plastic water bottles

Food and Water Safety

Protect your health by throwing away food that may not be safe and using safe water for drinking, cooking, and personal hygiene.

person washing hands with soap and water

Illness and Injury Prevention

Educational materials and resources to help you prevent injury and illness after an emergency or natural disaster.

tree fallen on power lines

Power Outages

Safety tips to help you prepare for and cope with sudden loss of power including avoiding CO poisoning and electrocution.

person cutting a log with a chainsaw

Returning Home

Tips to protect yourself and your family when returning to your home after a hurricane, flood, or other natural disaster.

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